Refugio para dos

Refugio para dos

The project

The goal was to create a haven in which a couple could relax without having to leave the city. Theremodeling consisted primarily in creating a large diaphanous central space for "public" use (kitchen, living room and dining room), and in leaving the perimeter for "private" use (bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, closets), as well as cleaning areas and installations.



Light, simplicity and comfort

Open spaces with clean lines and white finishings predominate. The use of continuous flooring in light tones together with natural recycled wood give the dwelling a unique feel.At the same time, it should be noted that all the work focused on making this dwelling both functional and comfortable. Special attention was paid to soundproofing, insulation and the complete domotisation of the dwelling. Electronic screens were placed in all the windows to control the entrance of natural light in the flat; air conditioning is differentiated by zone;light can be dimmed in each area separately; and there is an integrated sound and video system. Everything contributes to making this home the perfect escape.




































Original state and remodelling

The home, which measures 126m² is situated in a tall residential building that is about thirty years old. Originally it displayed a layout characteristic of that era: over-compartmentalisation in order to make room for the maximum number of bedrooms. Thanks to the absence of pillars, it was possible to completely modify the interior layout to create a distinctly contemporary loft-like home.



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