Customised projects

Managing customised projects

Property search and viability analysis



  • We help our clients define their needs and desires.
  • We carry out an exhaustive market study.
  • We analyse the project´s viability to assure that it can be carried out according to the client's needs and possibilities.
  • We span a wide range of sectors, including Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Tourism, and Industry.

Acquisition of properties



  • When the client so desires, we offer advisory services for the price negotiation and the evaluation of contractual details, applicable legislation, taxes, permits, etc.

Project development



- Technical


  • Design and execution of the construction project. We employ BIM (Bulilding Information Modeling), the latest technology for quality assurance and project management, which allows us to meet deadlines and reduce costs, while improving technical precision.
  • Budgeting.
  • Project planning.



- Economic


  • Financial modelling and paymentschedule.



- Administrative


  • Management of licenses and permits.

Project Execution / Construction



  • Construction with specialised teams from all sectors (metallic structures, cement, carpentry, domotic installations...).
  • Project management




  • Design of a commercial strategy.
  • Selection of appropriate channels of communication.
  • Commercialisation (locally, nationally and internationally).

Development of projects for individual clients or for

crowd funding

Projects for new construction as well as remodelling, interior design and renovation

We comply with European quality controls and the necessary time frames

What you need to take into consideration before beginning a real estate project:


Currently there is a multitude of issues to be tackled that require knowledge and experience in order to achieve a successful outcome. Among these, we should underline:


1) Complex and cumbersome laws.

2) A changing approach to energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

3) New construction processes and techniques to improve quality and meet building deadlines.

4) The introduction of “Smart Building” technology.


The proper management of all these will result in an effective execution.

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